Best Of 2022

Best Thing to Happen to Cincinnati Dining as a Result of COVID-19

Everybody has suffered as a result of COVID-19, some exponentially more than others. In terms of the hospitality industry, we saw a lot of beloved bars, shops and restaurants close their doors as a direct result of the pandemic, so it’s nice when there’s a tiny silver lining to this predominantly bleak period in history: 3CDC, in cooperation with the City of Cincinnati, unveiled a collection of streateries downtown and in Over-the-Rhine. The $2.2 million project introduced permanent wooden and concrete patios alongside the sidewalks to serve as additional outdoor seating for the city’s bars and restaurants. While this reduced the number of parking spots along some of Cincinnati’s busiest streets, it also gave local businesses a chance to increase profits without needing to overcrowd indoor dining and drinking spaces. As a result of streateries, Cincinnati seems a bit more metropolitan these days — European even — and business owners seem grateful for the free-to-them extra seating.