Best Of 2022

Best Vegan Pie from a Pizza Chain

The meat-free fast-food game has exploded in recent years, and LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria came through hot and heavy in 2021 with their new plant-based pepperoni, Italian sausage crumbles, diced chicken and vegan cheese offerings. If you’ve transitioned to an animal-free diet, this is incredibly good news when looking for an easy go-to takeout or delivery option. The dough and sauce recipes were already animal-free, so this means vegans can pile on the toppings if they’re in the mood for something other than mushrooms and peppers on a slice — and this makes LaRosa’s one of the city’s most equal-opportunity pizza chains in terms of menu items. Try serving a vegan pie to a drunk meat-eater next game day and they probably won’t even notice.