Best Of 2022

Best Botanical Ice Cube

The She-Wolf, with Old Tom Gin and pear, ginger and elderflower liqueurs

Anjou cocktail bar in East Walnut Hills takes its name from Margaret of Anjou, wife of King Henry VI. The bar is located in The Henry building and plays on the duo’s central role in the Wars of the Roses — an uprising against Henry’s reign in the 15th century. Anjou’s decor subtly plays off a floral motif, as does the cocktail menu. The She-Wolf is a delightful concoction, featuring Old Tom Gin and pear, ginger and elderflower liqueurs. It is a vivid purple color and comes served in a tumbler with a rose-shaped ice cube. Named after a term for Margaret used in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, “the drink features ingredients from England and France, the color is purple, to signify royalty, and it has the rose in there to signify the Wars of the Roses,” says Anjou co-owner Chris Wolfe.