Best Of 2022

Best Carrot Cocktail

Carrot Moscow Mule: Vodka, ginger beer, carrot juice and lime juice

OK, so Gulow Street in Northside no longer has the Carrot Mule — a classic ginger-vodka cocktail with bonus carrot juice — on its menu, but this is a formal plea to bring it back. The cozy bar and kitchen at the corner of Hoffner and Gulow streets is a sophisticated take on the neighborhood dive, complete with sage-green beadboard, vintage-style wallpaper, tawny leather barstools and a garage-turned-patio (for people and pets). The food menu offers a greatest-hits list with a burger, pasta, a breakfast sandwich (almost a replica of what members of the Gulow Street team served at the now-defunct Cheapside Cafe downtown) and a handful of other dishes. The cocktail menu doesn’t disappoint, either. While we miss our veggie vodka, the Spaghett is equally as intriguing with Aperol, lemon juice and Miller High Life. Happy hour runs weekdays with a special burger-and-beer deal on Thursdays.