Best Of 2022

Best Comfort Station Call-Out

​​Each year, Esquire magazine compiles a list of the best bars in America. And after the hell of 2020, the 2021 list was special — almost, but not quite, a “return to normal.” In 2021, Esquire editors gave 27 drinking destinations across the country the coveted title of “best bar,” and only one was in Cincinnati. The jewel in the Queen City’s crown? Walnut Hills’ Comfort Station. Writer Sarah Rense outlined the reason she picked this bar as her favorite, saying, “Even if you happen to be up in Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills neighborhood, the likelihood of you taking a chance on a women’s restroom door on the front of what used to be a public bathhouse is slim. But should you tentatively push through, you’ll find what feels like the city’s spiritual center. Inside, the bartenders whip out gems like Heaven, My Reward — a frothy sour with adobo chile that, yeah, is heaven — and Hot Damn, Son!, which any sucker for manhattans and oatmeal cookies will buckle for.”