Best Of 2022

Best Fuck You to Putin

Wodka Bar

Sarah Dworak is the granddaughter of Ukrainian immigrants and the mastermind behind both Babushka Pierogies and Over-the-Rhine’s Wodka Bar. As the name would suggest, Wodka Bar carries an ambitious selection of vodkas, stocking upward of 60 types, as well as several dozen house-infused vodkas with flavors like smoked Earl Grey, beet and horseradish, cherry jalapeño and more. Many of them find their way into specialty cocktails, like a cosmo with lemon-infused vodka. She also serves the Fuck Putin: Sobieski vodka with coffee liqueur and Irish cream. It’s a fuck you to the Russian dictator and his unprovoked invasion and devastation of Ukraine. Wodka Bar also has an Eastern European food menu, with caviar, pickled vegetables, smoked meats, pierogies, stroganoff and more. In March of 2022, Dworak joined with the global series of fundraising events called “Cook for Ukraine” to direct aid to those most severely affected by the war. She produced a limited number of meal kits containing Ukrainian favorites, including pierogies, borscht, stuffed cabbage rolls and walnut kolachi (sweet pastries). All proceeds minus the cost of ingredients went to UNICEF Ukraine and Nova Ukraine, a nonprofit organization that raises cash for emergency aid.