Best Of 2022

Best Nostalgic Blue Brew

Mason’s Sonder Brewing teamed up with Kings Island in the summer of 2021 for a boozy collab featuring one of Cincy’s most nostalgic sweet treats. Blue Ice Cream Ale, inspired by the amusement park’s signature blueberry- and vanilla-flavored “blue ice cream,” offers a grown-up version of a childhood classic. Sonder says it was very important to them to capture that essence — and with natural flavors. “We did a lot of research and testing to find a natural product to get the color. Both balancing the ice cream flavor without being overly sweet and achieving the fun blue color were definitely the main challenges,” says Chase Legler, Sonder Brewing’s chief operations officer. The brew team ended up using honey malt to add that punch without making it too cloying. The beer was available at Kings Island, the taproom and distributors around town.