Best Of 2022

Best Place for Comic Book Nerds to Get Drunk

Cosmic Gorilla

Cosmic Gorilla, a comic book and board game shop near Findlay Market, not only offers the latest issues of your favorite superhero’s adventures, but also a full bar with signature cocktails — both fortified and non-alcoholic. There’s the Dark Knight with cold brew, espresso vodka, almond milk, Cocoa Puffs and peanut butter fluff, or the Scarlet Witch, with lime, agave and shimmering cranberry-grape juice. The shop aims for a boutique experience with a regularly rotating inventory. The overall aesthetic is clean and well organized, a guaranteed delight for fans of Marvel, DC, indie publishers and tabletop gaming. The back bar is called Capes + Cloaks. Check the calendar for themed nights, like the recent Star Wars-style Sober Cantina with no-proof and low-proof drinks, and Super Mario Party, with gaming, cosplay and shots.