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Best Place to Get Drunk Like Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway wrote some incredibly important books in his time and his influence still resonates today. Plenty of folks go through their Hemingway phase: hang out in coffee shops, drink wine with lunch, pout over their worst exes and stare off into blankness any time “The War” comes up. Later in his life, Hemingway’s love for the Florida Keys and the tropics dominated his attention, and Pilar, a new bar on Court Street, transports its visitors to Hemingway’s Havana-bound sailboat — with plenty of daiquiris to pass the time (they make seven different versions of the classic cocktail). His books’ protagonists were always macho yet sensitive, worldly but straightforward; the same could be said about Pilar’s drink menu, like the Moveable Feast, with gin, lemon juice, housemade grenadine and something bubbly. There’s a hedonistic novelist in all of us; let Pilar unlock your own.