Best Of 2022

Best Shout-Out to Cincinnati from a Visiting Rock God

In November, the 80-year-old Bob Dylan and his band played the Aronoff Center’s packed Procter & Gamble Hall to show off that he’s been weathering the pandemic by preparing some brilliant new music, intriguingly reworked versions of old classics, and a reinvigorated, strong and expressive voice. It put everyone in a good mood, including the spry Dylan himself. Although known for his sparse, spare and downright rare comments from the stage (besides introducing his band), this time he was in a jubilant mood near the end when he stepped forward to thank his audience and pay respects to their hometown. He said something pretty close to, “Thank you, Cincinnati. So great to be in the home of King Records, a great label! And also home to Doris Day. And Roy Rogers. And Charlie Manson — maybe they knew each other.”