Best Of 2022

Best Streaming Alternative Radio Station

At a low point in the Cincinnati music scene just a few years ago, there was no radio arena that showcased independent music artists and local performers. Beloved Independent Rock station WOXY-FM had finally shuttered and WNKU-FM had been sold. But then streaming platform Inhailer Radio came along to fill the void, offering its tagline “breath of fresh airwaves,” and underground Alternative Rock had a permanent place in Cincinnati once again. In June, Inhailer Radio celebrated its fourth anniversary. Since 2017, Inhailer has streamed music on both its iPhone and Android apps, as well as on its website. The station takes inspiration from the late WNKU by playing music that you wouldn’t find on mainstream radio and consistently highlighting local Indie artists. Inhailer began with just two DJs and has since grown to streaming 24/7 with close to 20 voluntary DJs for approximately 50,000 monthly listeners. At the end of 2019, Inhailer signed a partnership with Cincinnati Public Radio so listeners can tune to the station on WGUC’s 90.9 HD3. But they aren’t stopping with radio. Inhailer now works with local venues to host “Inhailer Presents” concerts, featuring acts played on the station.