Best Of 2022

Best Place to Pick Up (or Drop Off) a Free Movie

Hey, boomer, remember late fees? “Be kind, rewind?” Does any of that ring a bell? Thanks largely to streaming services like Netflix, the once-mighty video rental shop went belly up. Now that we’ve had enough time to process and appropriately mourn its loss, we can try to recapture the joy we used to feel when we’d select actual physical media to consume from Blockbuster. This is thanks to Free Blockbuster, a social experiment that provides totally free movies and video games in old newspaper boxes — the same kind from which you likely picked up this issue of CityBeat — repainted to match the iconic blue-and-yellow Blockbuster branding. Our area’s three Free Blockbuster locations are occasionally restocked but rely on the common folk to continually bring the good stuff to share — who doesn’t still have all their old tapes from yesteryear? Instead of donating to thrift shops, why not bring those movies to your local Free Blockbuster?