Best Of 2022

Best Place to See Artists at Work

After Susannah Tisue graduated from Walnut Hills High School, she learned about ceramic arts at New York University. For years she and her husband Michael Miritello, a woodworker, had a studio in Brooklyn where she fulfilled orders from stores across the country for her beautiful glazed ceramic bowls, plates, pitchers, vases, mugs and more, decorated with delicate wild animal illustrations. But an opportunity for an affordable workplace in Cincinnati brought her back to town. While her now-open space, the 1910 Century Theater building on Gilbert Avenue near Peebles Corner in Walnut Hills, was being developed, she launched a kiosk for SKT Ceramics at Findlay Market in 2017; it continues to be a popular stop. Now her “illustrated pottery” is produced by her creative team in the renovated gallery-studio while Miritello builds furniture and cabinetry upstairs. It’s a boomerang with a happy ending.