Best Of 2022

Best Relaxing Eyebrow Service

Eyebrow care and grooming became a big deal during the pandemic, when masking put an extreme emphasis on the top half of your face. That, plus the current bushy-eyebrow beauty trend, had many seeking out salons that could dye, shape and laminate eyebrows (aka basically perm the hair into fluffy goodness). Being dyed, waxed, plucked and chemically beautified is not always a super-pleasant experience — especially the plucking and waxing part — but 501 Salon & Spa in Bellevue makes it as enjoyable as it can be. Services are performed in the upstairs spa, where you also can get a massage, facial and even lash extensions. It’s warm, quiet, calm and smells like Aveda products (501 is an Aveda salon). The highly trained estheticians will give you the brows of your dreams — especially if you aren’t quite sure what that looks like. They’ll help shape and color them to best fit your face, all while you lay back and relax.