Best Of 2022

Best TikTok-Famous Tailor

Chuck Hellman of Hellman Clothiers in Carew Tower is known for his prowess when it comes to dressing local and national sports stars, including members of the Bengals for their Super Bowl appearance in Los Angeles. But his bigger audience is somewhere else. Currently, Hellman Retail Group’s TikTok, run by social media editor Christian Barker, has more than 4 million followers. At least once a week, the account posts a video of a suit inspired by various themes, and Hellman says he has a large international audience who waits with bated breath to see what he’ll come out with. Almost every video is in response to a comment requesting a specific theme. His audience loves video games and anime — with 24 million views of his Naruto suit and a shocking 38 million of his Rick and Morty design. Hellman says he wants the outfits to evoke what he imagines the characters would wear. For example, his Harry Potter suit is designed with a fitted navy jacket, Gryffindor-colored striped tie, Marauder’s Map pocket square and snitch pin. Other recent posts show a purple Willy Wonka-style suit, with a sparkly golden bow tie and top hat, and a Darth Vader suit complete with helmet, lightsaber pin and Star Wars-inspired tie. “We follow what the audience wants,” Hellman says.