Best Of 2022

Best Way to Greet the Day

Waking up early on a Monday — or, let’s be real, any day — can be a slog, but a tantalizing scent waiting in the bathroom means we’re less apt to pull the covers back over our head. That’s where &Sundries comes in. The East Walnut Hills shop founded by University of Cincinnati grad John Meyer is full of handmade, chemical-free body washes, lotions and potions that appeal to noses and skin types of every persuasion. Honey apple? Check. Lavender? Check. Cedar pepper? Check. But for our money, the star of the show is the peppermint body lotion, with a freshness that tingles the nose and a very subtle note of neroli oil (bitter orange tree blossom) that brings on a double-take. Apply it in the morning and sport &Sundries’ Turkish cotton robe while enjoying your morning coffee, and Mondays stop looking so bad.