Best Of 2022

Best Edible Good Luck Charm

Oh, Cincinnati, you are full of beautiful weirdos. During the Bengals’ run to the Super Bowl, local fans developed a new way to wish the team luck: chugging a can of Skyline Chili. It began as the Bengals went on a winning tear at the start of the playoffs, with fans posting video after video of themselves popping can lids and shotgunning the messy, cinnamony delicacy as if they were attacking free rounds on their 21st birthday at a dive bar. The stunt became a bona fide social media trend that had even Barstool Sports intrigued. Alas, the good luck wore off during the final minutes of the Big Game, but for Bengals fans, those 1,830 milligrams of sodium in each 15-ounce can of Skyline were worth it.