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Best Food Fight

We’ll admit that Cincinnati-style chili isn’t for everyone, but show a little respect, huh? New York Mets announcer Gary Cohen went off on the dish during the broadcast of a Reds vs. Mets game in the summer of 2021, calling Skyline’s 5-Way “disgusting chili gravy.” Showing a video of someone expertly preparing the aforementioned dish, Cohen narrated its construction: “The 5-Way, with the spaghetti and the beans and the cheese — first the disgusting chili gravy. After the onions comes the cheese, and that’s what makes it the 5-Way. There’s the cheese. They put like 10 tons of shredded cheese on there. And this is supposed to be food that you actually eat.” Cohen then told co-broadcaster Ron Darling, “Try it once, and then you’ll never eat it again.” The Cincinnati Twitterverse immediately jumped into action defending the local delicacy, including the home team. “Two facts: Jonathan India is good. Skyline Chili is good,” the Reds said. We can’t argue with that logic.