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Best Reason Not to Drink a 30-Year-Old Can of Hu-Dey Beer

A rendering of the 2022 Hu-Dey beer cans

There has always been a symbiotic relationship between Cincinnati’s Hudepohl Brewing Company, founded in 1885, and the Cincinnati Bengals, established in 1967. And, yes, part of that is built on the rumor that the team’s Who Dey slogan is a derivative of fans shouting for “Hudy” beer at games. The popular origin story even prompted the brewer to can a special commemorative Hu-Dey beer during the Bengals’ runs to the Super Bowl both in 1982 and 1989. And, during the Bengals’ Super Bowl berth this past year, those vintage orange-and-black cans popped up across social media as fans broke out the decades-old brew to unadvisedly drink. But Hudepohl (acquired by Cincinnati Beverage Company in 2020) wanted fans to keep those beers on the shelf and out of their stomachs, so they released a limited-run new commemorative Hu-Dey brew. Decked out in vintage font and the slogan “It.Is.Us.,” the cans contained a special, easy-drinking ale. Cincinnati Beverage Company did a one-time run of Hu-Dey, producing around 3,000 six-packs. The company said “once it’s gone, it’s gone,” and it was gone, fast. Fans lined up for blocks and blocks across Over-the-Rhine to snag the brew. It was sold-out within hours.