Best Of 2022

Best Viral Moment for an MLB Player’s Kid

As of press time, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding pro baseball: MLB had canceled — and then un-canceled — the first few weeks of the season, and we still don’t know where Reds right-fielder-turned-free-agent Nick Castellanos will end up (update: Castellanos has since gone to the Philadelphia Phillies). But damn if Castellanos' kid didn’t bring a smile to Cincinnati fans’ faces in 2021. Castellanos’ son Liam Castellanos became internet famous after designing a shirt that featured a drawing of his hard-hitting dad. In July 2021, the adorable 7-year-old drew a bearded Castellanos in his Reds uniform and slapped it onto a shirt for the outfielder’s 29th birthday. Fans fell in love with it — and with Liam — and the lad later teamed up with Cincy Shirts and the Major League Baseball Players Association to sell the design and donate proceeds to charity.