Best Of 2022

Best Way to Add a Little Gas to Your Tank During the Flying Pig Marathon

Pay attention to the droves of Cincinnatians cheering on (mostly) total strangers along the Flying Pig course. Nothing puts a little pep in your step quite like the support of the residents of the Panorama Apartments senior care facility in Covington. Their signs are the best, held with a sweet, smirky smile: “They Actually Got Me Out of Bed For This?” “Hurry Up, We’re Going to be Late for Bingo.” “Run Faster. It’s Almost Time for My Nap.” Special mention also goes to the crowd along the Gilbert Avenue/Eden Park hill, where you can always count on someone with a megaphone telling you to “move that ass.” And we can’t forget the Elvis impersonator, faithfully entertaining runners in front of the Krohn Conservatory. How would we finish without them?