Best Of 2022

Best Way to Bingo Bengo

Kyle Gasnik with a Cinati Bengo flag

Back in 2015, Cincinnatian Kyle Gasnik drew a crude but lovable cartoon of the Bengals mascot (well, sort of) and jokingly titled his creation the “Cinati Bengo.” As a lark, Gasnik — then working at a sign shop — made some stickers at his job and distributed them among friends. Someone posted a photo of the Bengo sticker on the back of a friend’s car to the Bengals subreddit and the post gained traction. The internet took it from there, and now Gasnik’s absurdly funny designs are available through his website. He makes shirts, flags, stickers, hats and more all bearing some iteration of the Bengo — a charming creation that looks sort of like an angry orange cat with three fangs — along with the phrase “Cinati Bengos” and his warped version of the Who Dey chant: “Who are they going to Bingo Bengo? Nooooo, Buddy!” The nonsense phrasing and alliteration bring almost as much joy as a Super Bowl win would have.