Best Of 2023

If you’re driving toward Downtown from the West Side — perhaps coming down from Price Hill and continuing on the Sixth Street Viaduct — or if you’re simply passing by the city core on I-75, you’ve surely seen the illuminated panels spelling out C-I-N-C-I-N-N-A-T-I on the west façade of the Duke Energy Convention Center. A clever overlay of color has made the message all the more meaningful, showing support with yellow and blue lighting for Ukraine and changing over to red and blue following Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin’s terrifying collapse during a January NFL game against the Bengals. The convention center’s letters and colors underscored our big-hearted city for all to see.

City Life

City Life
Here are the 2023 Best Of Cincinnati® Reader and Staff Pick winners for City Life.
1. Arlinghaus Builders
2. 3D Renovations
3. Make Her Mark
1. Eden Park TIE
2. Devou Park TIE

3. Ault Park
4. Mt. Echo Park
5. Smale Riverfront Park
6. Bellevue Park
7. Mt. Storm Park
8. Alms Park
9. Shawnee Lookout
10. Fairview Park
11. Mt. Adams
1. Mariemont
2. Wyoming
3. Liberty Township
1. The Hub OTR
2. Cincinnati City Council
3. 3CDC
1. Sheree Paolello (WLWT)
2. Megan Mitchell (formerly WLWT)
3. Jessica Schmidt (FOX19)
1. WLWT (Channel 5)
2. WXIX (FOX19)
3. WCPO (Channel 9)
1. Steve Horstmeyer (FOX19)
2. Randi Rico (WLWT)
3. Kevin Robinson (WLWT)
1. Dan Hoard (Bengals, Bearcats)
2. Joe Danneman (FOX19)
3. George Vogel (WLWT)
1. Chuck Mingo (Crossroads)
2. Fr. Al Bischoff (Xavier University)
3. Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr (Archdiocese of Cincinnati)