Best Of 2023

A demonstrator marches at a rally for LGBTQ+ people in Cincinnati.
Photo: Mary LeBus
A demonstrator marches at a rally for LGBTQ+ people in Cincinnati.

Under a now year-old administration and largely refreshed city council, Cincinnati took steps to become more affirming to its LGBTQ+ residents throughout 2022. The city raised the transgender pride flag at City Hall for the first time in Cincinnati's history in recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility, representing people who identify as women and men as well as those who do not have a defined gender, who are transitioning or who identify as intersex. Just a few weeks later, council member Reggie Harris began collaborating with other officials to update language in the municipal code to more directly provide comprehensive legal protections for gender expression and identity and to further protect all individuals from discrimination. “We have to do both symbolic gestures and policy gestures. That is the way we move forward,” Harris said last March. Other officials have backed him up, with the council repeatedly condemning state bills that restrict care or education for LGBTQ+ individuals. In December, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the Equality Federation said Cincinnati was one of just six Ohio municipalities to receive a perfect score on the 2022 Municipal Equality Index as well as one of seven to earn an All-Star status.

City Life

City Life
Here are the 2023 Best Of Cincinnati® Reader and Staff Pick winners for City Life.
1. Arlinghaus Builders
2. 3D Renovations
3. Make Her Mark
1. Eden Park TIE
2. Devou Park TIE

3. Ault Park
4. Mt. Echo Park
5. Smale Riverfront Park
6. Bellevue Park
7. Mt. Storm Park
8. Alms Park
9. Shawnee Lookout
10. Fairview Park
11. Mt. Adams
1. Mariemont
2. Wyoming
3. Liberty Township
1. The Hub OTR
2. Cincinnati City Council
3. 3CDC
1. Sheree Paolello (WLWT)
2. Megan Mitchell (formerly WLWT)
3. Jessica Schmidt (FOX19)
1. WLWT (Channel 5)
2. WXIX (FOX19)
3. WCPO (Channel 9)
1. Steve Horstmeyer (FOX19)
2. Randi Rico (WLWT)
3. Kevin Robinson (WLWT)
1. Dan Hoard (Bengals, Bearcats)
2. Joe Danneman (FOX19)
3. George Vogel (WLWT)
1. Chuck Mingo (Crossroads)
2. Fr. Al Bischoff (Xavier University)
3. Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr (Archdiocese of Cincinnati)
1. Walnut Hills High School
2. School for Creative and Performing Arts
3. Wyoming High School
1. “Jeff & Jenn” (Q102)
2. “All Things Considered” (WVXU)
3. “Cincinnati Edition” (WVXU)
4. “Married with Microphones” (WGRR)
5. Bill Cunningham show (700WLW)
6. “Eddie & Rocky” (700WLW)
7. “The Big Dave Show” (B105) TIE
8. “JonJon & Friends” (KISS1071) TIE
9. “Around Cincinnati” (WVXU)
10. Kidd Chris with Allie Martin (WEBN)
11. “The Mo Egger Radio Show” (ESPN 1530)
1. 91.7 WVXU
2. 101.9 WKRQ (Q102)
3. 700WLW
1. Jeff and Jenn (Q102)
2. Maryanne Zeleznik (WVXU)
3. Lucy May (WVXU)
1. Union Terminal
2. Music Hall
3. Cincinnati Art Museum
1. Mike Moroski
2. Triiibe
3. Al Gerhardstein
4. Mass Action for Black Liberation TIE
5. Cam Hardy TIE
6. Michelle Dillingham
7. Brian Garry
8. Missy Spears
9. Billie Mays
10. Josh Spring
1. Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio
2. Freestore Foodbank
3. The Friends of the Public Library
4. Matthew 25: Ministries
5. Cincinnati Public Radio
6. SPCA Cincinnati
7. ArtWorks
8. Cincinnati Animal CARE
9. Maslow's Army
9. ArtsWave
1. George Clooney
2. Jean-Robert de Cavel (Posthumous)
3. Nick Clooney
1. Bootsy Collins
2. Anthony Muñoz
3. Jeff Ruby
1. Findlay Market
2. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
3. Jungle Jim's International Market
4. Over-the-Rhine
5. Smale Riverfront Park
6. The Banks
7. Cincinnati Reds game TIE
8. Cincinnati Museum Center TIE
9. Cincinnati Art Museum
10. Newport on the Levee
11. Friends of the Public Library Book Store at the Warehouse