Best Of 2023

Brent Spence Bridge
Photo: FormulaOne, Wikimedia Commons
Brent Spence Bridge

A new Brent Spence Bridge finally is on the way. In early 2022, Governors Mike DeWine and Andy Beshear announced that they would apply jointly for funds to update the deteriorating, traffic-laden bridge that spans their respective states of Ohio and Kentucky. Since then, the $3.6 billion project has expanded to include a toll-free, double-decker companion bridge and improvements to nearby green spaces. The project is scheduled to break ground in 2023, with "substantial completion" happening by 2029. In January, President Joe Biden delivered an address in Covington to celebrate the $1.635 billion award that the federal government is providing for the project, signaling that yes, this is all really — finally — happening for the notorious corridor that’s the No. 2 bottleneck in the nation for freight trucks.

City Life

City Life
Here are the 2023 Best Of Cincinnati® Reader and Staff Pick winners for City Life.
1. Arlinghaus Builders
2. 3D Renovations
3. Make Her Mark
1. Eden Park TIE
2. Devou Park TIE

3. Ault Park
4. Mt. Echo Park
5. Smale Riverfront Park
6. Bellevue Park
7. Mt. Storm Park
8. Alms Park
9. Shawnee Lookout
10. Fairview Park
11. Mt. Adams
1. Mariemont
2. Wyoming
3. Liberty Township
1. The Hub OTR
2. Cincinnati City Council
3. 3CDC
1. Sheree Paolello (WLWT)
2. Megan Mitchell (formerly WLWT)
3. Jessica Schmidt (FOX19)
1. WLWT (Channel 5)
2. WXIX (FOX19)
3. WCPO (Channel 9)
1. Steve Horstmeyer (FOX19)
2. Randi Rico (WLWT)
3. Kevin Robinson (WLWT)
1. Dan Hoard (Bengals, Bearcats)
2. Joe Danneman (FOX19)
3. George Vogel (WLWT)
1. Chuck Mingo (Crossroads)
2. Fr. Al Bischoff (Xavier University)
3. Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr (Archdiocese of Cincinnati)