Best Of 2023

Chances are, there’s something laying in or around your home that you can’t figure out how to get rid of: batteries, that old flip phone, crutches, lightbulbs, car seats, ink cartridges. We all use them until we don’t. Then what? The Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub will accept all of these items (some for free, some for a fee) and recycle or reuse them appropriately. The Hub aims to help mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce the amount of waste going into landfills through its one-stop drop-off location in Price Hill. The organization seeks to revolutionize the way people think about “things.” It provides a receptacle for almost anything to be recycled or reused. From its inception in April 2021 until March 2022, it’s recycled or reused 100 tons of material.

City Life

City Life
Here are the 2023 Best Of Cincinnati® Reader and Staff Pick winners for City Life.
1. Arlinghaus Builders
2. 3D Renovations
3. Make Her Mark
1. Eden Park TIE
2. Devou Park TIE

3. Ault Park
4. Mt. Echo Park
5. Smale Riverfront Park
6. Bellevue Park
7. Mt. Storm Park
8. Alms Park
9. Shawnee Lookout
10. Fairview Park
11. Mt. Adams
1. Mariemont
2. Wyoming
3. Liberty Township
1. The Hub OTR
2. Cincinnati City Council
3. 3CDC
1. Sheree Paolello (WLWT)
2. Megan Mitchell (formerly WLWT)
3. Jessica Schmidt (FOX19)
1. WLWT (Channel 5)
2. WXIX (FOX19)
3. WCPO (Channel 9)
1. Steve Horstmeyer (FOX19)
2. Randi Rico (WLWT)
3. Kevin Robinson (WLWT)
1. Dan Hoard (Bengals, Bearcats)
2. Joe Danneman (FOX19)
3. George Vogel (WLWT)
1. Chuck Mingo (Crossroads)
2. Fr. Al Bischoff (Xavier University)
3. Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr (Archdiocese of Cincinnati)