The Carnegie Brings a Socially Distant Walking Tour Performance of Musical 'Godspell' to Hamilton's Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Socially distant groups will watch the classic musical "Godspell" unfold while walking to different outdoor stations on the grounds of the sculpture park.

click to enlarge The Carnegie Brings a Socially Distant Walking Tour Performance of Musical 'Godspell' to Hamilton's Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Photo: Provided by The Carnegie

Covington's The Carnegie and its "Creative Disruption Committee" are bringing a unique and socially distant performance of Stephen Schwartz's musical Godspell to the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum in Hamilton. 

The Broadway tale, based on the gospel according to St. Matthew, includes the hit "Day by Day" (try to get that out of your head) — which you can hear while strolling the grounds of Pyramid Hill.

No, this isn't your typical outdoor theater performance: it's a theatrical walking tour. A limited audience will be able to experience this novel format during two separate start times — 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. — on Sept. 12 and 13. 

So what is a walking theater tour? Basically, you walk with an audience group to different production stagings across the park. 

There will only be about 125 people allowed at each performance, broken down into color-coded groups of 25, said The Carnegie's theater director Maggie Perrino during "Coffee Break with Kathrine Nero." The interactive tour will start by an art piece in the middle of the park — "Age of Stone" — where the entire group will watch the opening of Godspell before being led in smaller groups to five different outdoor stations to view the rest of the performance, before coming together again for the finale. 

“Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is excited for this collaboration and the opportunity to bring live theatre to our outdoor venue,” says Sean FitzGibbons, Executive Director of Pyramid Hill. “This will allow our patrons, new and returning, to experience the park in a new way.”

Attendees should note this performance requires you to stand and walk throughout the show. If you need an accessible option, Pyramid Hill is offering tickets with the option of an art cart, aka their custom golf carts. Attendees should also note there will be a bar.

Tickets are $35 for adults ($32 for members of the theater or sculpture park), $25 for students and $15 for children 10 and under.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is located at 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton. Get tickets