Explosive Masked Surf Rock Band Daikaiju to Play Pop Up Show in Northside This Weekend

The propulsive Alabama-spawned group — whose anonymous members are immersed in Japanese pop culture and wear Kabuki masks onstage — will play the Northside Yacht Club on June 30

click to enlarge Daikaiju - Photo: Provided
Photo: Provided

The Northside Yacht Club has announced that Alabama-spawned Surf Rock monsters Daikaiju will be performing at the venue this weekend. The “last minute pop up show” comes in the midst of the explosive masked group’s Midwestern tour.

The group will play NSYC this Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m. with guests Time Tombs, a Northern Kentucky-based instrumental Surf group. Admission is $10 at the door.

Daikaiju (“die-kie-joo”) adds a propulsive twist to the classic Surf Rock sound, delivering it with a Post Punk energy that suggests Dick Dale by way of Amphetamine Reptile Records. The band is also known for the musician’s onstage personas — like another cult-classic Surf Rock crew, Los Straitjackets, Daikaiju’s members sport masks and perform under pseudonyms. But instead of luchador masks, Daikaiju is immersed in Japanese pop culture — particularly vintage kaiju films (featuring monsters like Godzilla and Mothra) — and wear Kabuki masks.

Some believe that the group may feature members from that other Alabamian Surf juggernaut, Man or Astroman?, but the players are known only as blast-man (drums), pulse-man (bass) and rock-man and secret-man (guitars), so who can be sure? The musicians also don’t speak on stage, using hand signals to communicate and deepening the mystery.

Last month, Daikaiju released its latest single, “Deluxe Electric Ninja Mistress.”