The Northside Yacht Club is Slinging Coneys and CBD-Infused Daiquiris via Roller Skate Curbside Delivery

Mark your effing calendars for Dec. 14 for Northside Yacht Club's Sonic-inspired pop-up "Chronic"

click to enlarge Roller skate carside delivery - Photo: Screen grab from video
Photo: Screen grab from video
Roller skate carside delivery

The Northside Yacht Club crew is back at it again with another restaurant chain spin-off pop-up. This time, they're putting fast food eatery Sonic Drive-In to utter shame. 

For one day only — on Monday, Dec. 14 — the Northside eatery and bar will transform into "Chronic" and will be slinging CBD-infused tiki drinks and daiquiris, along with housemade cheese coneys (plus Grippo chips), delivered curbside... on roller skates. 

It's poised to be "the most epic pop-up of all time," according to their promotional video. We don't doubt it.

Chronic will be open from 4-9 p.m. Dec. 14. Place your order online, text 513-429-0359 when you've arrived and they will "skate it right out to your car."

Northside Yacht Club (aka Chronic), 4231 Spring Grove Ave., Northside.