Walnut Hills' Esoteric Brewing Now Offers 'Lil Sebastian' Mini Pony Kegs of Your Fave Beer

Forget a growler: Esoteric will set you up with a personal keg to keep your spirits up

click to enlarge The Lil Sebastian mini pony keg - Photo: Facebook.com/esotericbeer
Photo: Facebook.com/esotericbeer
The Lil Sebastian mini pony keg

Plenty of breweries offer growlers to-go so folks can take home their favorite beers to enjoy until their next visit. But this new Walnut Hills establishment is thinking bigger — and fresher. 

Esoteric Brewing is now offering mini pony kegs, delightfully dubbed "The Lil Sebastian" (a nod to the beloved star on hit sitcom Parks and Recreation), a two-gallon $75 keg that holds 16 pints worth of a fresh, carbonated beer of your choosing. 

Currently, the brewery has nine different brews to choose from — seven "core beers," which include Lotus IPA; Dahlia, an American brown ale; Kallima, a coffee cream ale; Ethereal, a Belgian blonde ale; Paramount Porter and more — plus two seasonal beers, which include Divine Matrix, a Belgian Witbier; and Black is Beautiful, an oatmeal stout. 

You can place an order for your personal keg via Esoteric Brewing's Facebook messenger as well as confirm your preferred pick-up method — either text upon arrival and they'll bring your keg to the back patio, or wait inside the spacious lounge for your Lil Sebastian. 

If a keg is too substantial for your needs, the brewery also has growlers available in 32 oz. or 64 oz. sizes.

For more info, visit the Esoteric Facebook page