Submit Your DIY Diorama to Cincinnati Clothing Brand Working Girls' Gallery

Submissions should be themed after the 1995 film "Copycat"

click to enlarge A diorama! - Photo: Provided by Working Girls
Photo: Provided by Working Girls
A diorama!

Remember the 1995 film Copycat? Not the Billie Eilish song. If you are a younger person who doesn't enjoy riveting psychological thrillers or films starring Harry Connick Jr., you might not have seen it. Good news: You now have time to watch it. (Looks like you can rent it on Amazon Prime.)

Here's the gist — Sigourney Weaver is an acclaimed expert on serial killers, and the film opens as she's giving a lecture on criminal psychology at a college. After her impassioned speech, she goes to the school's restroom, where one of the killers she has previously profiled has been waiting. He violently attacks her and tries to murder her. She subsequently becomes a complete agoraphobic and hides away in her San Francisco loft. She is also, for some reason, a 1995-era tech whiz. Soon, a series of new serial murders sweep the town and the cops need her help — and only her help — to solve them. The murderer begins stalking her IRL and online and she realizes he's a copycat killer, recreating the grisly deeds of famous serial killers past. 

Great movie and it will make you never want to use a public bathroom again.

So why are we talking about Copycat? Cincinnati-based concept and clothing brand Working Girls is currently seeking dioramas themed after the film for its Copy Cat exhibit. 

They have put a call out for "miniature interpretations" of the 1995 classic for their second Diorama Gallery. All mediums are welcome and may be submitted either digitally (to be printed) or physically mailed. So get started on finding that perfect shade of Harry Connick-hair orange.

Working Girls' Shailah Maynard said in an email, "All chosen works will be featured in the gallery, as well as on our website for sale for the artist's chosen price.  All sales will go directly to the contributing artist."

The deadline to submit is April 12 and submission is free. 

Email [email protected] with COPY CAT SUBMISSION [your name] as the subject line.