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click to enlarge Image: a public school that still has busing
Image: a public school that still has busing

Leave it to The Enquirer to publish a story analyzing local school district spending vs. academic success only to ignore the existence of private schools while drawing the conclusion that “a district that spends more doesn't necessarily produce higher test scores and graduation rates.” The story, titled “Big-spending districts net mixed academic grades,” doesn't include the qualifier “public school” or the possibility that local private schools spend even more per pupil than Indian Hill, Sycamore Township, Mariemont and Norwood, each of which spent $11,958 to $15,209 per student last year and earned Excellent or better ratings.—-

Westboro Baptist Church will be in town today to protest at Oak Hills High School and Miami University for “what the queers are doing to our soil.” Or something.

Mitt Romney will be here today to back Issue 2 even though the latest polls show Ohioans increasingly supporting the opposite.

The state of Ohio has built its first “superstreet” — a 6-mile bypass in Fairfield that can now allow up to 60,000 vehicles rather than 53,000. See ya there!

Forbes likes Rick Perry's new “flat tax” plan. Whatever that means.

The European Union's debt situation is looking “grimmer by the minute.”

Netflix shares are down 36 percent. The company has lost $12 billion in value during the past 104 days. Reed Hastings, Netflix's chief executive: “It's like everyone's sitting at home using [expletive] VCRs.”

DuPont has raised its full-year forecast after higher than expected third-quarter numbers for its chemicals, thanks largely to prices surging for “titanium-dioxide pigment.”

Gas pumps are really dirty.

The Texas Rangers beat the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of the World Series to take a 3-2 series lead back to St. Louis on Friday.