New Kentucky Struts Album’s Extended Release

Northern Kentucky Americana/Country/Folk Rock band The Kentucky Struts have been at work on their new album, The Year of the Horse, since the start of the year. But you won’t be able to hear the full album until December. No, the band hasn’t gone all Axl Rose-obsessive in the studio. It’s a part of the creative plan behind The Year of the Horse, which will have the Struts’ releasing a new song from the album every month of the year, along with a different commissioned piece of representative visual art created by 12 different local and national artists.—-

Each month, as the Year of the Horse songs are posted, the Struts’ Web site will present the artwork and direct listeners to the latest track. Half of the proceeds from the “tips” given for the downloads will be given to Speak Up For Horses, a non-profit group that rescues neglected and abused horses across Kentucky. At the end of the year, The Kentucky Struts will perform the album live in its entirety and the dozen pieces of Year of the Horse art will be exhibited and available for purchase at the show.

The project launched last month with the track “Tornadoes” (the song currently available), a fantastic slice of shuffling, evocative Country Rock that has the feel of a Gram Parsons/Hank Williams collaboration. The artist paired with “Tornadoes” is Matthew Shelton, a South Carolina native who was a consistent presence in the Cincinnati area’s arts and music scene (Shelton is also a singer/songwriter known locally for such bands as Me or the Moon and M.Shelton’s Picnic) when he lived in town to go to college. Shelton — best known for his compelling “lightbox” works — currently lives in Chicago (click here peruse samples from all of Shelton’s artistic endeavors). Shelton’s Year of the Horse contribution is posted above.

Bookmark The Kentucky Struts site (here) and check back each month for the latest track and its visual accompaniment. February’s should be posted soon.