Reports Suggest North Korea Issued $2 Million Bill to the U.S. for Care of Otto Warmbier

The Washington Post and CNN reporting envoy had to sign agreement to pay invoice before Warmbier was released from custody

click to enlarge President Donald Trump at a 2016 campaign event in West Chester - Photo: Nick Swartsell
Photo: Nick Swartsell
President Donald Trump at a 2016 campaign event in West Chester
According to stories posted to the Washington Post and CNN, the North Korean government invoiced the United States $2 million for the hospital care of Cincinnati native and college student Otto Warmbier and insisted an official sign a pledge to pay the amount before Warmbier was released from custody and allowed to return home.

The Post story goes on to state people familiar with the event say the American representative signed the agreement to pay the medical expenses as per instructions from President Trump. The bill was then apparently sent to the Treasury Department, where it was unpaid through 2017. According to CNN, the bill still remains unpaid with sources saying America does not give money to a terrorist or terrorist regime.

Warmbier, who grew up in the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming, was detained in Pyongyang in 2015 for allegedly stealing a state propaganda poster while on a tour of the country and was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. He was in a coma when arrived home at Lunken Airport in June 2017. It’s unclear what led to his comatose state and Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco told reporters in 2017 knowing what exactly led to his condition may be impossible. Warmbier passed away six days after returning home.