Super Bowl Gets Bowled Over By Pop Music

Musical highlights from Super Bowl XLVI

click to enlarge MIA asks America: "Does this look infected?"
MIA asks America: "Does this look infected?"

Since our Morning News and Stuff writer hates football and refused to comment on the Super Bowl (not even the Puppy Bowl!), I thought I'd take a minute to discuss yesterday's huge game. Well, the music heard during the TV broadcast, anyway.

While I'm not a huge Madonna fan (I love the idea of her more than her music), I thought her halftime show was excellent. Then I looked on the internets and it told me that I was stupid and it was actually horrible and, even worse, offensive! Things I learned: Madonna is, like, really old; she may have lip-synced during portions of the performance; and MIA said "Fuck you, America" with her middle finger. (Like Janet Jackson's boob, I wouldn't have even noticed had it not been overblown in cyberspace.)

Oh, and MIA, according to the AP report, also "appeared" to say a cuss word. (She didn't, clearly stopping her line, "I don't give a shit," at "Shhhh" — nice reporting AP!)—-

Fox News was quick to pick up the story that the Parents Television Council was mad at football due to MIA's appearance. PTC president Tim Winter's statement to Fox411 about the "middle-finger incident" featured another Gene Shalit-worthy pun: "NBC fumbled (Ed. note: Get it?! "Fumbled," like in football!?) and the NFL lied because a performer known as M.I.A. felt it necessary to flip off millions of families. It is unfortunate that a spectacular sporting event was overshadowed once again by broadcasting the selfish acts of a desperate performer." Yeah! Now get back to bashing each others heads in on the field and trying to sell me alcohol through TV ads and leave rude hand gestures to traffic jams, where they belong!

What did you think?

Married couple/Country stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, as well as Kelly Clarkson, seemed to do just fine with the pre-game patriotic tunes. But I haven't checked the internet — Kelly was probably fat and Lambert and Shelton may have gone out of tune for a millisecond (in internet language: "Fail!").

I wasn't glued to the TV (I'm in church all day on Sundays), but it seemed like the best music during the 18-hour (or so) telecast was found in the commercials. I did a double take when Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" was featured in an Audi commercial. I was prepared to be furious that yet another corporation was ruining one of my favorite songs. But the commercial was so stupid, I don't think it'll replace my own long-cherished visual images any time soon.

I was also nervous when I heard that The Cult's early classic, "She Sells Sanctuary," was being mashed-up with Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" for a Budweiser spot. But it's kind of fun.

And I got a kick out of the Samsung spot that featured Justin Hawkins (and his fancy new ’stache!) of Brit cheese-rockers (and tourmates of Cincy boys Foxy Shazam) The Darkness singing his band's hit "I Believe In a Thing Called Love."

Others heard in Super Bowl commercials this year (click here for Billboard's run down of all of them) include: OK Go, fun, Yello, Motley Crue, Sugarland, Barry Manilow, LMFAO, Avicii, The Animals and Elton John.