14+ BEST Omegle Alternatives: Video Chat Sites to Chat with Random Strangers

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Chatting with random strangers online can be a surprisingly fun way to pass the time. We’ve learned a lot about the importance of human connection in the last generation. We’re lucky enough to have some of the best sites with chat rooms for you to meet someone interesting. Whether you’re looking to meet that someone special or just trying to make friends, you’d be surprised how many fascinating people you can meet at random.

Omegle is one of the leading sites for random chat. They even have random video chat for an even more enhanced experience. They've been around for many years and have established a reputation as one of the top websites out there for meeting new people.

If you're a longtime user, however, you might find that after a while, you start to encounter the same people. It'll lead you to look for some viable Omegle alternatives.

The good news is that there are plenty of sites like Omegle. They offer random chat, both text chat rooms and video chat rooms to meet and talk to new people. Meeting strangers online may sound intimidating, but these platforms make it really simple.  In many cases, it's also free to talk with others on their platform. Which site is best for you depends on what features you're looking for and what you're looking to get out of the experience.

If you're ready to start using other websites like Omegle but aren't sure what to start, don't worry. Whether you're new to random chat or a seasoned pro, we can help. There's a lot out there, and we're here to weed out the websites with the best features to the worst. We've got you covered with some of the best alternatives so that you can start making new friends and maybe even finding love from different countries and continents around the world, with easy-to-use, safe platforms.

Video Dating Chat Alternatives

  1. AdultFriendFinder
  2. Ashley Madison
  3. Arousr
  4. Seeking

Here are the Top 15 Video Chat Sites Like Omegle



Fruzo is a fun dating website that hopes random matches turn into chances at love. It's a video chat-based, connecting you with eligible people from their pool of 5.5 million users. Unlike other dating websites, it doesn't constrain you to your local area, which gives you more freedom to meet different interesting people. To sign up, simply choose a gender or select couple if you're browsing with a friend. It will ask for permission to use your webcam and microphone. Fruzo also offers new users the ability to try their premium service for free for 30 days.

Many people like that you can use Fruzo anywhere. It has a website, as well as mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also use Fruzo to make a long-term connection, thanks to the ability to friend and follow different users.


If you're looking to just make friends, Fruzo may not be the site for you. They aim to make dating matches of their users, so chances are you'll meet someone looking for a little more. Since that isn't every user's desire, you may find another one of the Omegle alternatives is better suited to you.

Account authentication is also a con for some users. To use the site's search function, you have to authenticate your account by signing in with Google, Facebook,  Apple ID, or an email address. Some people prefer more anonymity than that offers.



ChatRoulette is considered one of the best, much like Omegle. It brings people together for a random chat via webcams. It's been up and running for over 10 years, which is how you know it's seriously reliable.  For your safety, ChatRoulette offers a 'filtered chat' feature, which keeps you from seeing any unwanted explicit content.

One of the most loved and hated things about ChatRoulette is that your video chat can end just as quickly as it begins. It offers you a unique challenge of getting to know somebody while knowing they can exit at any time, another feature that also serves to protect user safety. Users can also choose to blur their screens at any time during a conversation to prevent them from seeing any unwanted content. It does not tell the other user they are being blurred.

ChatRoulette has also put a big emphasis on content as it’s moved away from its controversial past over the years. That means that people are encouraged to make sure everyone is comfortable with anything that goes on during any video chat. It makes for a safer experience than ever before with a website that has learned the importance of safety, making it very popular among Omegle alternatives.

Another feature many people enjoy is that it's easy to get started. You can jump right into chatting without signing up as long as you agree to the website terms.


That said, there are some downsides to the site. Some people find that there aren't enough filtering options on ChatRoulette. For a top platform, it feels like that should be sorted out by now.

ChatRoulette truly embraces the idea of random chat. For users looking to narrow down their options by language or location, it may be a bit overwhelming.  It can also be harder to find someone to talk to for a longer time because people click through sessions so quickly.

Another feature that people have mixed feelings about is the facial recognition software. The software was introduced as a way to handle users who were violating the terms of the site since the site doesn't have you sign up for an account.

Emerald Chat


Emerald Chat flat out calls themselves an Omegle alternative. You've got to love that kind of honesty! They're proud to be one of the most popular Omegle alternatives with thousands of people. You can use it quickly with an assigned username, or sign up for an account for more continuous use. If you sign up, the registration process asks for the basics: your gender, age, and area. Once you're signed up, you're ready to get started.

Emerald Chat allows you to tag interests on your profile that you can be matched with other people based on. It is another site that allows you to add friends, so you can keep in contact with anyone you do hit it off with. Both one-on-one and group video chat rooms are available, so you can make friends or look for a soulmate among the random people.

If you're concerned about your online safety, know that Emerald Chat has you covered. Moderators are always available to deal with any issues between users. Karma ratings also increase user accountability.


A lot of features that many users feel are missing from the platform are only available to premium members. Gold members pay $3.89 a month to be listed as verified users and access additional filters based on gender and karma rating. 

Some also feel the stringent safety measures sometimes result in misunderstandings that interrupt the ability to access the site and in some cases, get people banned from the platform altogether.



Bazoocam is another great site for random video chat encounters. It's a super simple, streamlined interface that makes it easy for users to get started. One thing that sets it apart from other sites is its worldwide userbase. The site is available in many languages, making it easy to chat and play games with new people from all corners of the globe. It's particularly popular with French users.  If you are looking for someone closer to home to chat with, there's a location filter available to narrow your search down.

Signing up is super easy. There are no profiles to fill out. Simply pick a username, provide your email address and a password, and you're all set.


You have to enter credit card information to select a gender filter, which is a major letdown for some users. It's also unusual because you aren't actually charged for anything, it seems. A  number of people have reported entering the information and being able to continue to use the site for free. That still leaves some uneasy about using the feature and lessens trust in the platform.



Chatrandom is another very popular site like Omegle offering access to people all over the world. It also offers a lot of anonymity, which is appealing to those who are hesitant about trying random chat. Chatrandom is one of the best places to start if you're wading in for the first time.

Chatrandom has both Android and iOS maps, so you can take your adventures in chatting on the go. The apps are highly rated and praised by users as being easy to navigate and fun.


Chatrandom is truly random, and some people are looking for a little bit more information. If you want a profile to get to know a person for, Chatrandom doesn't offer that.  The site also restricts features like filtering to premium members, which means you can't filter potential random chat partners by gender and other metrics you may find significant. You also have to be a premium user to access an ad-free experience, which is frustrating for some. Premium subscriptions cost $6.99 a week or $19.99 a month.

Ome TV


Over 3,000,000 people each month call Ome TV their favorite among Omegle alternatives. Ome TV has an attractive interface and like Omegle, it's super easy to use. You're just a click away from getting to know friendly strangers from all around the world. Your safety comes first on Ome TV too. Users can be automatically blocked and reported for any uncomfortable or inappropriate comments. It's truly one of the best websites, and it's accessible anywhere thanks to its sleek Android and iOS apps. It doesn't require any personal information, so you've got nothing to lose in trying it out.


Some users have complained that there is no way to conceal your face before you're ready to reveal it to another user. There are also some complaints that users are picky about the strangers they talk to on the platform and skip too quickly, which makes it hard to find people to chat with. If you want to make meaningful, long-term connections, friendship or otherwise, there may be better platforms for you.



TinyChat is another one of the sites on this list that, like Omegle, boasts a long history on the web. It's been around since 2000 and has had millions of users throughout the years. It was originally all about text chat, but these days they focus much more on video chatting.

TinyChat users most commonly chat with strangers based on their interests. The site makes it easy to find a chat room with plenty of random people interested in the things you love. You can also create your own rooms you serve as admin in, and invite any number of users for a private group chat. There's also the ability to connect one-on-one.  You can also share videos or live streams with your chat room.


If quality is important to you, this may not be your pick.  HD video and full-screen viewing are only available to premium users. Although that won't stand in the way of some that use the website, others find it difficult to get to know a person and distracting from their chat. Premium subscription rates range from $9.95  to $44.95 a  month depending on how long you subscribe to pro, extreme, or gold tiers. It's one of the pricier premium deals among the Omegle alternatives and that may keep some people from the paid version, if not the whole service.



ChatHub is another site that prides itself on being an Omegle alternative. Users say it's one of the best Omegle alternatives, allowing both text and video chat with users from around the world. It's free to use on any computer or mobile browser.

It's easy to start talking to other users. Simply fill in the gender filter, agree to the terms of service, and get started! You can also use a language filter to keep any barriers from arising.  A special filter makes it so users don't match with someone they've matched with before, ensuring a new person each time.

If you like to use video chat and text chat, ChatHub has excellent interfaces for both. There's no profile required, which makes it easy to try without any risk. ChatHub is also concerned with user safety.  The peer-to-peer connection keeps conversations discreet. The site doesn't store any personal information about you.


ChatHub doesn't have an app, so users are limited in their mobile options. Surprisingly, users offer very few other complaints about the platform. It's one of the top free platforms for chatting with strangers and an interesting option for those experienced in using a website to meet strangers and strike up friendships and relationships. Some feel it's more focused on text chat than video, so your preference there may also determine if it's the right website for you.



ChatKi is another great Omegle alternative that is exclusive to users 18 and older. The random chat site brings together users from around the world is an opportunity to get to know one another. This chat site boasts over 5,000,000 users with over 50,000 people ready for video chatting each day.

ChatKi allows both one-on-one and group video calls. Group chat rooms can allow a larger number of users to come together and get to know one another, which some users find less intimidating than individual conversations.


Some users feel it takes a long time to generate a random group chat, but it seems to be reliant on how many other people are online at the same time you're ready for a video call.

ChatKi has some unique features that set it apart from other sites, but they're only available to premium users. One example is an auto-translation feature that makes it easier to chat with users you might have a language barrier with. It adds something special to a video call, but a premium membership will set you back $6.99 a week, or $19.99 a month.



CooMeet is another awesome Omegle alternative. You can jump right in and get to video chatting, or sign up to make some longer-term connections. The website has many features like the other sites, and most are available to free users, which makes for a great way to chat with new people.


CooMeet is geared toward straight men looking to meet women, so it's not great for casual friendships or meeting men. If you're looking for text chat options like Omegle offers, you also won't find a specific area for that on CooMeet.



Shagle is a favorite among Omegle alternative sites. All you need is webcam abilities to get chatting with their over 3 million active users. Translation tools make it possible to chat with new people in over 70 countries, which means you can truly chat with anyone, similar to Omegle.

Shy people will enjoy the masking option Shagle offers, which allows you to partially conceal your identity from a person you're chatting with. That can make things a lot easier for new people or those who are hesitant about webcam chatting with strangers.


To access their full range of members in over 200 countries, you have to sign up for premium. Premium users are also the only ones who get in-chat verified badges on Shagle, can send digital gifts, and more. Some users feel that even premium members don't get enough filtering options. Premium members can even go back to previous chat partners. Premium memberships cost $6.99 a week or $19.99 a month.

Another gripe with some users is the video quality. Some people find poor video quality frustrating when they're trying to really talk to someone new. Omegle chatters have reported that it isn't ideal in comparison to the more popular of the two sites.



If you're looking to make friends, iMeetzu is one of the top Omegle alternatives for you! iMeetzu allows you to video chat one-on-one or with multiple matches in a chat room. You can also take your conversations on the platform on the go with their app, available for iOS and Android. iMeetzu really goes far to promote getting to know one another and having fun. It's one of the best sites because it makes it easy, especially in the group chat rooms, for people to connect.


Many users get exhausted by the countless ads you have to see while using the site. Some have also struggled with their webcam being disconnected during longer talks. Since there are no guarantees you can find that person again, that can be a huge letdown. 



FaceFlow initially gained popularity as a video chat platform, as an alternative to chat clients that make you download something. In the years since it's also gained a reputation as an Omegle alternative that allows you to meet interesting strangers from around the world.


Some people have expressed concerns about FaceFlow's security measures being too lenient. Many believe that users make profiles with fake or greatly enhanced photos. No one wants to end up scammed by a fake user, so that keeps some people from using FaceFlow.