Dan Savage vs. Rick Santorum Redux

Remember in 2003 when Rick Santorum, an ultra-conservative current Republican presidential nominee and former Pennsylvania Senator, likened gay sex to beastiality and incest, prompting Savage Love columnist and proud gay man Dan Savage to name a certain sexual byproduct a "santorum"? The problem for Santorum, who's back in the spotlight via his sure-to-go-nowhere run for president, is that whenever someone Googles his name, the first link is Savage's cringe-inducing new definition. —-

Now Savage, via a Funny or Die video clip, is threatening to use Santorum's first name in a like-minded way, going as far as testing the new meaning on four guys named Rick. One of the Ricks is former NBA player Rick Fox, who seems to be crying in horror as Savage describes the new definition.