Community Forum to Discuss New Study on Homelessness

Winter is perhaps the most trying time of year for homeless Cincinnatians; the bitter cold isn't exactly inviting when you're not surrounded by four walls and a heap of blankets or proper clothing. This Thursday, a just-released study from the Family Homelessness and Housing Stability Task Force will be reviewed at the Christ Church Cathedral Undercroft during a community issues forum. Conversation is encouraged; ask questions and introduce concerns.

The findings of the study will be explained and presented by Alice Skirtz, Chair of the Family Homelessness and Housing Stability Task Force, and Josh Spring, Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless. The study, conducted over a year, examines family homelessness and housing instability in Hamilton County. According to Josh Spring, Director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, the report suggests a 73 percent increase in unemployed workers in Hamilton County from 2005 to 2010.

The study culminated after a series of intimate focus groups with families suffering from or on the edge of homelessness across the county. Along with discussing the issues at hang, the forum will include recommendations for dealing with housing, unemployment and health care.

The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless seeks to eradicate homelessness in Cincinnati. The Homelessness and Housing Stability Taskforce was developed by GCCH to pool together resources to best evaluate and solve problems of homelessness across Cincinnati.

The forum will be held Thursday, Feb. 23 at noon at Christ Church Cathedral Undercroft. 318 E. Fourth St. Bring a bagged lunch or purchase one for $5.50.