Local Band Reunion Mania Saturday

I heard someone recently bemoaning how we’ve just entered the decade where every day, month and year the media will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of everything that happened in the ’60s. There could be daily Beatles celebrations. The anniversaries of their Sullivan show appearance, first No. 1, Sgt. Pepper, beards — the 50-year mark means all of it must be re-heralded. Twenty-five years is a special milestone, too, which may or may not explain the amount of local bands from the era of old Punk venue The Jockey Club in Newport that have reunited in the past couple of years. Two of them are doing it this Saturday. —-

Of course, when local bands reunite — as The Speed Hickeys (who original reteamed for a Jockey Club Reunion show last year) and The Stapletons (Roots Pop faves from the ’00s) will Saturday at MOTR Pub — it’s not an attempt to cash in on nostalgia. No one’s getting rich Saturday night (except the hearts of longtime local music fans … sniff). It’s for the joy of playing music with their friends again. And if the bar covers the tab? Sounds like a no-brainer.

Following other reunions by Jockey-era bands like The Reduced, Human Zoo and Sluggo, Snare and the Idiots will also reactivate their Wonder Twin (Quad?) powers and perform together at The Comet in Northside for the first time in 15 years Saturday night. The Newport band came together in the early ’80s and played the Jockey Club regularly, on bills with fellow locals like Doc and the Pods, as well as underground legends like the Dickies.

Here’s a great account of Snare and the Idiots' history from the Terminal Boredom site, straight from Snare himself, along with some song samples from the band’s Recycled Garbage 7-inch single.