Stage Door: Beware Who You Let It

No bad luck for this Friday the 13th: The Showboat Majestic is presenting The Nerd, a great 1981 comedy by Larry Shue, who also wrote The Foreigner. —-

I'm going tonight with a few guests — some out of town nieces who I know will get a laugh out of this one. It's the story of a young man who feels he owes his life to a fellow ex-GI. But they've never met, so he makes the connection and the guy shows up in the middle of a dinner party. Turns out he's a hopeless nerd, a guy with no social sense, not much intelligence and a total lack of tact — all factors in turning life around an insane corner. To make matters worse, the nerd moves in and becomes the houseguest from hell. And comedy ensues.

It's a perfect summertime entertainment, running through Aug. 22. Tickets (just $17): 513-241-6550 or click here.