NY Times Praises New Pomegranates Album

Cincinnati Indie Pop group Pomegranates released its stellar new album One of Us in October and the acclaim has been glowing … and growing. A new review adds a nice cherry (one of many to come, hopefully) on top of the mounds of positive Web notices, this one from esteemed veteran critic Jon Pareles in The New York Times. —-

In the widely-read Sunday edition of the paper,  Pareles enthuses about One of Us in his Playlist column alongside reviews of new releases by Wyclef Jean and Warpaint, writing, "Pomegranates are steeped in 1980’s dream-pop but follow their own vagaries. The songs sharpen into pop refrains and then diffuse; they circle through pastoral meditations or gust toward melodrama, transforming themselves again and again on a timetable that’s entirely their own." For the full review, click here.

One of Us debuted at No. 5 on the CMJ music charts and remains in the Top 10, meaning the Poms music is getting pretty impressive airplay nationwide. For CityBeat's recent feature story about Pomegrantes by Brian Baker, click here.