Brian Kelly Tried To Ruin My Night ... Again

It happened again. This time it didn’t include cat chasing or yelling in the streets at 3 a.m., but Brian Kelly’s outrageous head coaching decisions yesterday threatened to ruin a perfectly good Friday night, just like they did last Saturday.—-

Every week that UC wins brings it that much closer to winning the Big East title and being included in college football’s most prestigious postseason games. This makes every crazy 4th down attempt on one’s own side of the field even more risky.

During the first quarter against Louisville on Friday, the Bearcats moseyed down the field and scored a touchdown on their opening drive. Then they stopped Louisville on three downs. So what does Brian Kelly decide to do on 4th and 1 from his own 30 on the ensuing drive? Allow the nation’s best punter to blast UL back and allow UC’s awesome defense to go out and have some fun stopping them again?

No, that’s what reasonable people would do. Brian Kelly says, “Hey tall guy, take the snap and try to sneak ahead and get that yard so we can keep throwing the ball around.”

UC was on the road, playing for the most important league title in school history. If the Bearcats win the Big East this year and play in a BCS bowl game, it will significantly impact Kelly’s recruiting capability and the future of the UC football program relative to the rest of the league.

But Kelly doesn’t seem to worry about this season’s importance or how badly Connor Barwin wanted to look inside the Keg of Nails. The Bearcat defense nearly stopped Louisville on fourth down and the decision would have been meaningless. But instead the Cardinals used four downs and most of the first quarter to tie the game at 7. The stupid Louisville fans were all into it, and my buddy Luke and I started drinking our beers like it was 1999 (two beers per slice of pizza).

The Bearcats came from behind and beat the Cardinals 28-20, and I, like the experienced loser that I am, went out and socialized as if my team had won a big game and never threatened to ruin its season or my hopes of someday feeling like a winner. I know where I stand and I’ll control my self-loathing and substance abuse like the adult that I am.

It would be nice if UC would play well and use sound strategy and win games like a good team. But until that day occurs, I’ll be the guy at the Northside Tavern drinking out of a straw and refusing to talk about sports.