The Cincinnati Reds' 2020 Schedule Is Here

The Reds open next season exceptionally early against division foes the St. Louis Cardinals on March 26, then head to Canada to play the Blue Jays for what will be a homecoming for Toronto native Joey Votto

click to enlarge Toronto native Joey Votto will return to his hometown to play the Blue Jays early next season - COURTESY CINCINNATI REDS
Courtesy Cincinnati Reds
Toronto native Joey Votto will return to his hometown to play the Blue Jays early next season

The Cincinnati Reds have had a fairly up-and-down 2019 season so far. There's still about a month and a half left in the campaign, so anything could happen, technically. The team is currently seven games out of first place in the National League Central division and five games behind in the race for the last Wild Card slot.

If you're more optimistically looking ahead to the 2020 season, Major League Baseball today announced every teams' schedule for next year. The Reds will open the season exceptionally early at home against division rivals the St. Louis Cardinals on March 26.

After the Cardinals series, the team plays a rare intercontinental game against the Toronto Blue Jays. That game will be a homecoming for one Reds star — Joey Votto is a Toronto native.

The Cincinnati Reds' 2020 season:

March 26 St. Louis

March 28 St. Louis

March 29 St. Louis

March 30 at Toronto

March 31 at Toronto

April 1 at Toronto

April 2 at Pittsburgh

April 4 at Pittsburgh

April 5 at Pittsburgh

April 6 Milwaukee

April 7 Milwaukee

April 9 Philadelphia

April 10 Philadelphia

April 11 Philadelphia

April 12 Philadelphia

April 14 San Francisco

April 15 San Francisco

April 16 San Francisco

April 17 at N.Y. Yankees

April 18 at N.Y. Yankees

April 19 at N.Y. Yankees

April 20 at St. Louis

April 21 at St. Louis

April 22 at St. Louis

April 24 Arizona

April 25 Arizona

April 26 Arizona

April 27 Atlanta

April 28 Atlanta

April 29 Atlanta

May 1 at Washington

May 2 at Washington

May 3 at Washington

May 4 at N.Y. Mets

May 5 at N.Y. Mets

May 6 at N.Y. Mets

May 7 at Colorado

May 8 at Colorado

May 9 at Colorado

May 10 at Colorado

May 11 Miami

May 12 Miami

May 13 Miami

May 14 Milwaukee

May 15 Milwaukee

May 16 Milwaukee

May 17 Milwaukee

May 19 at Cleveland

May 20 at Cleveland

May 22 San Diego

May 23 San Diego

May 24 San Diego

May 25 San Diego

May 26 Pittsburgh

May 27 Pittsburgh

May 28 Pittsburgh

May 29 at Chicago Cubs

May 30 at Chicago Cubs

May 31 at Chicago Cubs

June 1 at Chicago Cubs

June 2 at Pittsburgh

June 3 at Pittsburgh

June 4 Chicago Cubs

June 5 Chicago Cubs

June 6 Chicago Cubs

June 7 Chicago Cubs

June 9 L.A. Dodgers

June 10 L.A. Dodgers

June 11 L.A. Dodgers

June 12 at Milwaukee

June 13 at Milwaukee

June 14 at Milwaukee

June 16 at San Diego

June 17 at San Diego

June 18 at San Diego

June 19 at St. Louis

June 20 at St. Louis

June 21 at St. Louis

June 23 Chicago Cubs

June 24 Chicago Cubs

June 25 Chicago Cubs

June 26 Washington

June 27 Washington

June 28 Washington

June 29 at L.A. Dodgers

June 30 at L.A. Dodgers

July 1 at L.A. Dodgers

July 2 at L.A. Dodgers

July 3 at Arizona

July 4 at Arizona

July 5 at Arizona

July 7 Cleveland

July 8 Cleveland

July 10 Pittsburgh

July 11 Pittsburgh

July 12 Pittsburgh

July 17 at Chicago Cubs

July 18 at Chicago Cubs

July 19 at Chicago Cubs

July 21 N.Y. Mets

July 22 N.Y. Mets

July 23 N.Y. Mets

July 24 Colorado

July 25 Colorado

July 26 Colorado

July 27 at Atlanta

July 28 at Atlanta

July 29 at Atlanta

July 30 at Atlanta

July 31 Tampa Bay

Aug. 1 Tampa Bay

Aug. 2 Tampa Bay

Aug. 4 at Philadelphia

Aug. 5 at Philadelphia

Aug. 6 at Philadelphia

Aug. 7 at St. Louis

Aug. 8 at St. Louis

Aug. 9 at St. Louis

Aug. 11 Chicago Cubs

Aug. 12 Chicago Cubs

Aug. 13 Pittsburgh

Aug. 14 Pittsburgh

Aug. 15 Pittsburgh

Aug. 16 Pittsburgh

Aug. 18 at Boston

Aug. 19 at Boston

Aug. 20 at Milwaukee

Aug. 21 at Milwaukee

Aug. 22 at Milwaukee

Aug. 23 at Milwaukee

Aug. 24 St. Louis

Aug. 25 St. Louis

Aug. 26 St. Louis

Aug. 27 Milwaukee

Aug. 28 Milwaukee

Aug. 29 Milwaukee

Aug. 30 Milwaukee

Aug. 31 Baltimore

Sept. 1 Baltimore

Sept. 2 Baltimore

Sept. 4 at Chicago Cubs

Sept. 5 at Chicago Cubs

Sept. 6 at Chicago Cubs

Sept. 8 at Milwaukee

Sept. 9 at Milwaukee

Sept. 10 at San Francisco

Sept. 11 at San Francisco

Sept. 12 at San Francisco

Sept. 13 at San Francisco

Sept. 15 Boston

Sept. 16 Boston

Sept. 17 St. Louis

Sept. 18 St. Louis

Sept. 19 St. Louis

Sept. 20 St. Louis

Sept. 21 at Miami

Sept. 22 at Miami

Sept. 24 at Pittsburgh

Sept. 25 at Pittsburgh

Sept. 26 at Pittsburgh

Sept. 27 at Pittsburgh