West Side Brewing Hosting Brunch & Bitches Dog-Friendly Cookbook Signing and Fundraiser

Author Melinda Kirk Stenger will be there to sign her cookbook and talk more about the pet-safe recipes inside. Bonus: 50% of book proceeds benefit UCAN.

click to enlarge Photo from the "Brunch & Bitches" dog-friendly cookbook - Photo: Facebook event page
Photo: Facebook event page
Photo from the "Brunch & Bitches" dog-friendly cookbook

On the way back home from the dog park, cooks and canines alike are welcome to attend a dog cookbook signing (as in a cookbook with recipes for dogs; not a book instructing you how to prepare and eat a dog) from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan.13 at West Side Brewing. Melinda Kirk Stenger, author of Brunch & Bitches, will be there to sign her cookbook and talk more about the healthy, pet-safe recipes inside.

As part Kirk Stenger’s promotion of the book, 50% of book sales at this event will benefit UCAN nonprofit spay and neuter clinic.

This is not Kirk Stenger’s first foray into the canine culinary arts. As the CEO of Lucky Paws, LLC, Kirk Stenger has over 20 years of experience cooking for animals in addition to creating the award-winning PetCakes, a DIY microwavable cake for dogs and cats. She won the Global Pet Expo's Best New Product of the Year 2016, and currently sells thousands of dog and cat birthday kits a month on Amazon and Chewy.

But her new book, Brunch & Bitches, promises to connect straightforward cooking techniques with health-conscious ingredients in over a dozen brunch-inspired recipes. 

The cookbook includes 14 recipes that are made with human-grade ingredients and punny names like Woof Waffles, Canine Quiche and Cinnamon Roll-Overs. Each finished treat is also intended to look exactly like its human counterpart.

Kirk Stenger says the cookbook is simple and the instructions are so easy to follow that even your kids can become your dog’s personal chef. 

The book-signing takes place at West Side Brewing, 3044 Harrison Ave., Westwood.  Masks are required to attend. Melinda Kirk Stenger’s Brunch & Bitches will be available to purchase for $14.