A Late Show's Stephen Colbert Finds Cincinnati Chili 'Confusing'

In explaining his state-by-state voting guide, "Better Know a Ballot," Colbert makes our beloved chili and spaghetti (and cheese) the butt of a joke

click to enlarge A Late Show's Stephen Colbert Finds Cincinnati Chili 'Confusing'
Photo: YouTube Screengrab

A Late Show with Stephen Colbert's Stephen Colbert wants to make sure people vote this Election Day — and know how to in their specific states — so he's crafted a series on YouTube called "Better Know a Ballot," with an accompanying website: betterknowaballot.com.

It's a state-by-state voting guide "explaining how to vote easily, early and safely," Colbert says, depending on where you live.

To introduce the concept and the upcoming state infomercials, he made an all-encompassing video.

It starts off reminding people that it's not just important to vote this election year, but it's also "important to have a plan for how you're going to vote because COVID will make this election unlike anything before it. And if that wasn't enough, the rules regarding how to vote vary drastically from state to state."

Colbert then cites some examples of the random rules that apply to each location before making Cincinnati's beloved dish the butt of joke.

"Some states do not allow you to cite coronavirus as a reason to vote absentee. Some states automatically send you an absentee request form, but not a ballot, and some states put chili on top of their spaghetti," he said. "That has nothing to do with the election, but come on Cincinnati, it's confusing."

The more confusing part is why more cities aren't putting chili on top of their signature dishes. 3-Way pizza? Chili gumbo? A chili Philly cheesesteak? Cincinnati chili is basically thin enough to be a condiment, so let's start treating it like one: less confusion, more inclusion.