Covington's Libby's Southern Comfort Now Offering Boozy Popsicles To-Go

Just in time for summer...

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Boozy popsicles

Covington's Libby's Southern Comfort knows that summer is just around the corner, so in the spirit of the season, they're offering a boozy new item on their carry-out menu that's sure to bring out the kid in all of us. (Especially if you have any fond memory of Fla-Vor-Ice — the neon nostalgia-inducing sugar bomb that you sucked right out of what was essentially a skinny plastic baggie.)

The eatery has begun offering their popular alcoholic slushies in popsicle form, with flavor options including Cheerwine bourbon and Wutang (a Tang margarita).

They're priced at $3 per popsicle, or six for $15. The carry-out popsicles can be mix and matched or all one flavor. 


See their full carry-out menu here. 

Libby's Southern Comfort, 35 W. 8th St., Covington.