Saturday at Grammer's: NEIN ON NINE!

Most of us can agree that this Issue 9 business has become a total mess. If passed, this charter amendment won’t necessarily stop the streetcar line from being constructed, but it will force a vote before city leaders can spend money on it. It will also force votes on all other rail spending — including regional high-speed trains that Barack Obama wants built. Issue 9 is anti-Obama!—-

So, a vote for Issue 9 is either against the streetcar or for future votes on all kinds of stuff our representatives in government are supposed to decide. A vote against Issue 9 means the mayor and City Council can do their jobs without getting input from people who are afraid to go downtown the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST) and other anti-rail groups. Should we give our leaders a break and vote for everything ourselves or just get drunk in OTR and hope some type of transportation system eventually takes us home before the sun comes up?

Our friends over at PROJECTMILL, along with City Council members, some of this year’s new candidates, pro-streetcar organization Cincinnatians for Progress and local bloggers who are way anti-9, are going to shed some light on the many annoying details of Issue 9 on Saturday during an awareness meeting at Grammer’s called “Nein on Nine” (Nein means “nope,” “no,” or “nay,” according to the Internet). Attendees are welcomed to come armed with questions (preferably in English) about this strange charter amendment/power struggle and will learn how to help shut it down (Issue 9, not the streetcar).

The Nein on Nine meeting will be 8-10 p.m., with an “Octoberfest in October” afterparty with PROJECTMILL DJs and a crazy dance time to follow.

Details: Nein on Nine 8-10 p.m., Octoberfest in October 10-2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 24, Grammer’s: 1440 Walnut St., 513-421-8300

Contact: [email protected]  or 630-802-2543

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