Monday Fashion Inspiration

Cincinnati is slowly becoming more progressive, both economically and politically. And because economics and politics have historically been reflected through fashion and style, it’s important to pay attention to both not only understand your culture, but the world around you as well. Take the proposal of public transportation, the street car, for example. Or Cincinnati’s participation in the Tea Parties. Recently Cincinnati even produced a surrealism-inspired fashion show and an Eco Go-Go fashion show – a go-green initiative. —-

On Mondays, I will be posting blogs that reflect current fashion trends. And amongst other fashion and style-related things, I will be posting inspirational images, whether they are of people, places or things, that will tell brilliant color and style stories. Along with these images will be how-to guides of how to transform them into walking fashion.

As most of us well know, or at least should know, it’s spring time in Cincinnati. I’ve been obsessed with pastels and small, antiquated ditsy prints lately and found these images of macaroons perfect for some inspiration. The playful colors scream flirty fun and springtime all at once. Not to mention, they look absolutely delicious.

Also, old fashioned soda shops have been inspiring to me lately. Everything from the vinyl booths and swivel chairs, to the cheeseburgers and french fries or the orange cream sodas (which I could totally go for right about now).

Spin all of this into your own wardrobe with this adorable queen bee playsuit ($90) from Topshop by Barbara Hulanicki. The playful shade of purple is perfect for springtime. Layer it with black tights for an evening look.

If it’s a bit too chilly out and you want to make the outfit more casual, I’d suggest this versatile bleach wash jean jacket ($24.90) from Forever 21. The color and material are both light enough to balance out the dress while also giving the outfit an edgier feel.

To keep it simple with both outfits, try these nude ballet flats ($68) by Marais USA available at Urban Outfitters. Also come in black. 

Or, make a statement with these punky-chunky tuttle cutout wedges ($148)! The zipper and unique cutouts have what it takes to add just enough flavor to your outfit. Available in mint green or black, by Colonial Madness for Urban Outfitters. 

All in all, I feel that these items are a great way to start off the spring and steadily cruise into summertime. This concludes our lovely Inspiration Monday update. Have any comments, questions or suggestions? Don’t be afraid to share! Until next time…stay tuned!

Ashley Thomas has a degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Kentucky.