'The Hangover' Movie Review by Charlie

I rarely go to the movies anymore. I’m just too poor to spend $10 to see something I can download for free shortly after the release date. —-

Well last night my landlord asked me to go see The Hangover with him for his birthday celebration. I decided it was a worthwhile investment because we had some pot to enhance our viewing pleasure and I really like big TVs. So we strolled into the theater along with all the cargo-pants-wearing D-bags and their bleach blonde girlfriends with pushed up boobies. I really hate people, so I was already starting to feel annoyed by the whole viewing experience at this point. To top off my annoyance, loads of dicks starting texting/tweeting/updating their fucking blogs “I’m @ The Hangover LOL” during the previews.

As the previews rolled on, nothing really excited me expect for the new awesome addition to the Final Destination movie series. The Final Destination is pulling out all the stops with new fresh-faced actors (they couldn’t get Zac Efron) that almost get killed by a redneck NASCAR driver at what I'm assuming is the Kentucky Speedway. Not only do people still die in super retarded ways, it’s also in 3-MOTHERFUCKING-D! Now the blood and super fast CGI tires will fly at your dome while you freak out in stadium style seating, just like at the racetrack! My favorite part was how intense the trailer was, but when it faded to black at the end the majority of the theater was laughing.

The main feature, The Hangover, is a bro comedy set in Las Vegas that finds four bff bro buddies gearing up for Doug’s bachelor party. They start off the evening with a couple of shots of Jagermeister and a finely worded toast on the roof, in which the best man says something clever like “to a night we’ll never forget.” As the camera pans out to the skyline of Las Vegas the time lapse kicks in and the sun starts to rise. As they awake from their slumber, confused and beaten, they try to piece together their evening and end up finding a baby, a tiger, a tooth and the groom missing. They set out on a hilarious adventure to find their beloved bro groom that combines car chases, naked dudes and Heather Graham’s boob. Too bad they're too HUNGOVER to remember anything that happened that night.

I really wasn’t into the opening musical selection. I was ready for a raging binge drinking super party but got the feeling of a slow picnic on Sunday. After the opening, most of the movie turned into a musical montage, but those are always awesome so I was into it. Most of the comedic highlights are from the trailer, but overall I think Ed Helms and Zach Galifinakis stole the stage from the sexy Bradley Cooper, even though his character was a total dick. The only thing that really bummed me out during the movie was the fact that they stole an entire scene from Tommy Boy. In Tommy Boy Chris Farley and David Spade are in the car with what they assume is a dead deer and it comes alive in the back seat and tears up the car. Just imagine the same scene but with a tiger and with a different fat guy.

Overall it was a good summer comedy, but some parts were rather predictable. The majority of the laughs came during the credits, where they showed actual pictures of the night they couldn’t remember. The third to last one is the best, so stick around. It definitely gives you that “I’m going to Vegas now and getting fucked up so I can’t remember anything” mentality, but really when we all try to do that, we just pass out with our dicks in our hands.