'The Genesis Code' to Open in Cincinnati

Listen up, Christian movie fans — The Genesis Code is coming!

In an effort to be as informative as possible to Tristate cinema geeks of every genre, political persuasion and religious affiliation, I thought I'd alert you to the coming presence of a movie that some have called “excellent,” “very worthwhile” and “absolutely dynamic.”—-

Moreover, former Ohio Secretary of State and current Cincinnati resident Ken Blackwell says in an op-ed that he recently encouraged me to run in CityBeat, “Not only is it a well-made, wholesome family film, the movie takes on three different hot-button issues: the battle between Science and Faith to be the ultimate authority on truth, the discrimination against Christians on college campuses, and the fight to protect the right to life at all stages. The film addresses these controversies within the film with principled, compelling answers that will appeal to the conservative sensibility.”

What about the those with non-conservative sensibilities, Ken? Are you saying we we don't have open minds about such things?

The narrative apparently centers on a university student and dedicated Christian (Kelsey Sanders) who has been assigned to do a story on the school's star hockey player (Logan Bartholomew), a guy who doesn't share her passion for the Christian faith and who is convinced that modern science makes the Bible look dumb, “especially the opening verses of Genesis.” (The cast also includes familiar faces like Fred Thompson, Lance Henriksen and Louise Fletcher.)

From there the story appears to alter the hockey player's perspective to the point where he begins to conjure this question: “Could it be that what science teaches us about creation and the Story as told in Genesis are both true and in perfect accord?”

I'm assuming the answer is yes, but we can't know for sure until the film opens at AMC Newport on the Levee on Friday, the only local movie house where The Genesis Code is spreading its gospel.

According to a press release, Blackwell and former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin will attend premiere events in Cincinnati. We're not sure when said “events” take place, but we'll let you know as soon as we find out more details.

Here's the trailer: